Case Management

Case Management: is a community-based program where a behavioral health professional or trained peer assists members/consumers who are at risk of being underserved in their effort to identify, access and utilize medical, behavioral health or social services, or to otherwise achieve goals for recovery/resiliency.  Case Management may be mobile or delivered in an outpatient treatment setting.  Case Management services vary in intensity, frequency, and duration in order to support the member’s ability to utilize behavioral health and medical services, manage functional difficulties, or otherwise realize goals for recovery/resiliency. (Optum Idaho 2013 Level of Care Guidelines).

  • Target Population:  We provide mental health Case Management to adults, children and adolescents with Serious and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI) and/or a serious emotional disturbance (SED).  Participants must meet eligibility requirement identified through Optum Idaho - Category 3 benefits governing case management.    
  • Staff Qualifications:  CM services are be provided by Bachelor's prepared providers under the supervision of an independently licensed behavioral health clinician. The Bachelor’s prepared provider must possess a current behavioral health license or have certification through the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association.   
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