Community Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS):  CBRS is a home or community-based program available to adults who are recovering from a Severe and Persistent Mental Illness, or that promotes recovery in a child or adolescent who has a Serious Emotional Disturbance that promotes resiliency.  CBRS professionals also assist the member/consumer to integrate with his/her community, and provide services aimed at helping the member improve his/her quality of life.

Community Based Rehabilitation Services utilizes credentialed Psychosocial Rehabilitation Specialists to help members develop skills needed to increase their capacity to thrive in their home, employment, school or social environments.  Service target skills for adults are those that have been lost due to the symptoms of the member’s behavioral health condition.  Service target skills for children or adolescents are those that the member would have appropriately developed for his/her developmental stage due to the symptoms of the member’s behavioral health condition.

Community Based Rehabilitation Services vary in intensity, frequency, and duration in order to support members/consumers in managing functional difficulties, or to otherwise realize recovery goals.   (Optum Idaho 2013 Level of Care Guidelines).

  • Target Population:  We serve Children ages 4-18 with Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED) and Adults with Persistent and Serious Mental Illness (SMI).
  • Staff Qualifications:  CBRS may be provided by Bachelor's prepared providers under the supervision of an independently licensed behavioral health clinician. The Bachelor’s prepared provider must possess a current behavioral health license or have certification through the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (formerly USPRA). Providers pursuing PRA certification are allowed to provide services for up to 30 months from their initial employment date while they are in the process of obtaining certification, but must show documented efforts toward certification completion.  (Optum Idaho - FAQ)
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