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PVFC Target Population: PVFC provides individual and group counseling to children, adolescents, and adults as well as couples and family counseling.

Program Description: We use a method of treating and managing emotional distress, psychiatric disorders, behavioral concerns, and traumatic events through the use of evidence-based psychotherapeutic modalities that focuses on behavioral and cognitive aspects of a participant’s abilities. Some of the issues that are addressed through these services are: symptom management, anxiety, depression, suicide ideation, conflict resolution, relationship problems, social phobias, eating disorders, emotion regulation, trauma, grief and loss, women’s issues, behavior management, sexual addictions, and other emotional, cognitive, and behavioral problems.

Staff Qualifications: Psychotherapy/Counseling services are provided by masters-level clinicians trained in specific therapeutic treatment modalities, clinical evaluation, and resolution techniques. At a minimum, staff providing psychotherapeutic services hold a current license in one of the following areas: Licensed Physician, Licensed Psychologist, LCSW, LMSW, LCPC, LPC, LMFT. As applicable, the level of licensure may require supervision from an independently licensed clinician as outlined by the Idaho Bureau of Occupational Licenses.

PVFC offers pro bono therapy services available with our trained interns for those who do not qualify on the sliding scale.

PVFC Crisis Line

(208) 339-4665