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PVFC Target Population: We serve children ages 4-18 with Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED) and Adults with Persistent and Serious Mental Illness (SMI).

Program Description: Skills Building/Community-Based Rehabilitation Services (CBRS) is a home or community-based service that utilizes psychiatric rehabilitation interventions designed to build and reinforce functional skills. Skills Building/CBRS modalities and interventions vary in intensity, frequency, and duration in order to support a member’s ability to manage functional needs independently. This service is available to youth diagnosed with serious emotional disturbance (SED) and adults recovering from a Severe and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI) and Serious Mental Illness (SMI). Skills Building/CBRS is driven by an individualized Skills Building treatment plan based on a member’s specific needs and strengths identified from a comprehensive diagnostic and functional assessment. Services are provided in a manner that is strengths-based, culturally competent and responsive to each member’s individual psychosocial, development, and treatment needs. Service target skills for adults are those that have been lost due to the symptoms of the members behavioral health condition. Target Population: Children, adolescents, and adults. Consumers must meet eligibility requirements identified through Optum Idaho. (Optum Idaho 2022 Level of Care Guidelines.)

Staff Qualifications: CBRS may be provided by those with a Bachelor's degree, so long as they are prepared providers under the supervision of an independently licensed behavioral health clinician. The Bachelor’s prepared provider must possess a current behavioral health license or have certification through the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association. Providers pursuing PRA certification are allowed to provide services for up to 30 months from their initial employment date while they are in the process of obtaining certification but must show documented efforts toward certification completion.

PVFC Crisis Line

(208) 339-4665