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Crisis Response Services are available 24/7 and provide telephonic intervention for members experiencing a behavioral health crisis. Crisis Response provides assessment and crisis stabilization through counseling, support, active listening or other telephonic interventions to alleviate the crisis and offer referrals to services and community providers. If a member’s behavioral health crisis cannot be resolved telephonically and a higher level of intervention is indicated, then the member will be referred to Crisis Intervention Services and/or Crisis Centers for adult members. In the event of imminent risk of danger to self or others, or if no Crisis Intervention provider is available for immediate intervention, then Emergency Services will be engaged. In the following 24 hours after a behavioral health crisis, it is best practice for providers to follow up telephonically with the member/member’s family to assess member stability and crisis follow-up needs. (Optum Idaho 2022 Level of Care Guidelines.)

PVFC Crisis Line

(208) 339-4665