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EDUCATION: (care options, coping with behavioral health problems, prognosis and outcomes): At PVFC, we offer a variety of education to address your concerns. We have health and wellness tips from Optum Idaho,, and mental health supportive information from National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) for members. Topics include but are not limited to: information regarding mental health concerns, diagnosis, self-help, aging, referrals to substance abuse treatment, coping skills, and when applicable, education regarding medications.

Referral for an Independent Assessment for the Youth Empowerment Services Program (YES) The process by which the Medicaid-contracted Independent Assessor conducts the Comprehensive Diagnostic Assessment (CDA) and CANS Assessment. The Independent Assessment will determine the child's SED status. In order to receive Respite, Wrap Around services, or become Medicaid eligible under the 1915(i) State Plan Option (up to 300% FPL), an Independent Assessment is mandatory. To schedule an Independent Assessment, call Liberty Healthcare at 1-877-305-3469. Respite is in-person, short-term or temporary care for a youth with Serious Emotional Disturbance (SED) provided in the least restrictive environment that provides relief for the usual caretaker and that is aimed at de-escalation of stressful situations. Wraparound is a team-based, family-driven, and youth-guided planning process that is driven by a set of guiding principles: Family Voice & Choice, Team-based, Natural Supports, Collaboration, Community-based, Culturally competent, Individualized, Strengths-based, Outcome-based and Persistence. Using these principles, a Wraparound Care Coordinator will provide a structured planning process that supports your family's vision and desired outcomes utilizing strengths and needs specific to your child and family.

For additional information related to the YES Program, please see the Optum Idaho Level of Care Guidelines at  

PVFC Crisis line: 208-339-4665

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