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Pharmacological Management (Medication Management)

PVFC Target Population: Medication Management and Psychiatric/Diagnostic Evaluation provided to children ages 3-18 with serious emotional disturbance (SED) and adults with persistent and serious mental illness (SMI).

Program Description: The goal is to obtain a decrease or remission of symptoms of psychiatric illness and improve quality of life through the use of pharmacological agents without causing adverse effects. PVFC provides psychotropic medication evaluation and management only. All health-related medication needs are referred back to primary care physicians.

Staff Qualifications: Providers must hold a current license in the state of Idaho and be recognized as a licensed practitioner of the healing arts in accordance with their scope of medical practice. Currently, Cody Jameson, PMHNP psychiatric nurse practitioner, and Renée Katter, PA-C, Physician’s assistant provide medication management.

PVFC Crisis Line

(208) 339-4665