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PVFC Target Population: This recovery type focuses on consumers who are 18 or older and are motivated to work towards their recovery goals.

Program Description: Adult Peer Support services are provided by Certified Peer Support Specialists (CPSSs) who utilize their training, lived experience and experiential knowledge to mentor, guide and coach the member as he/she works to achieve self-identified recovery and resiliency goals. These services are designed to promote empowerment, foster self-determination and choice, and inspire hope as the member progresses through the recovery process. CPSSs use their lived recovery experience from a mental health diagnosis and specific specialist training to assist adult members with defining their goals for recovery and developing a recovery plan. They also assist members with developing the skills for a proactive role in their own treatment plan and help members connect with other members and with their self-defined community. Target Population: Consumers that are 18 or older. Consumers must meet eligibility requirements identified through Optum Idaho. (Optum Idaho 2022 Level of Care Guidelines.)

Provider Qualifications: A provider of Adult Peer Support:

• Has a high school degree or equivalent.

• Has had lived experience with mental health illness or mental health illness co-occurring with substance use disorder.

• Has been in recovery for a minimum of 1 year.

• Has an active Peer Support Specialist certification.

• Is practicing within a group agency in the Optum Idaho network under Optum supervisory protocol.


PVFC Crisis Line

(208) 339-4665