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Peer Support Services: This is a recovery-oriented support service in which a Certified Peer Support Specialist utilizes his/her training, lived experience and experiential knowledge to mentor, guide, and coach consumers as he/she works to achieve self-identified recovery and resiliency goals.

Target Population: This recovery type focuses on consumers who are 18 or older and are motivated to work towards their recovery goals.

Youth Support: This service is provided to children and adolescents. Youth Support Services exists under the umbrella of Peer Support Services. Youth support services assist and support the adolescent in understanding their role in accessing services, becoming informed consumers of services and self-advocacy. Youth support may include, but not limited to, mentoring, advocating, and educating through youth support activities individually or in groups. All support services must be provided in a context that is youth-centered, family-focused, strengths-based, culturally competent and responsive to each adolescent’s psychosocial, developmental, and treatment care needs.

Target Population: This service is provided to members under 18 years of age. Consumers must meet eligibility requirements identified through Optum Idaho, insurance provider or with private pay.

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